Looking Back to Move Forward


1970s Berkeley grad looks to the future with hope

The Italians have a slogan for the improvement of the country that serves me as a reminder of the old aphorism, ‘You never step in the same river twice,’—Avanti popolo—forward people.  The Boomer generation fervently believed we could go forward fifty years ago and with the hubris of youth and a few intrepid older guides planted seeds. Some have blossomed into mainstream culture such as yoga, meditation, and cannabis, while others—environmental protection, civil rights, and  war—have persisted and worsened over that  time.

Current political and social conditions may evoke memories comparison to that era.  Arguably we’re in a similar  time now with never-ending preemptive wars against an indigenous nationalist movements in the Mid-East, reminding one of  the Southeast Asia quagmire of the Sixties and Seventies.  Or the impeachment threat of the president for corruption which many have compared to the Watergate scandal.  Or consider demands for  systemic change from  the young people, who are  inspired by Bernie Sanders classic Sixties pitch could almost be word for word the languaging of the New Left of that Sixties.

Yes, the more  things change the more they stay the same.  This writer has been on an extended sabbatical contemplating how best serve the new generations.  Much of the millennials’ musical preferences come from the Sixties; Pink  Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye, etc.   But they also have new media such as Spotify and music styles such as hip-hop.

Starting on  Monday, July 1, 2019 a new series debuts on this website; We’ll be looking at ten main elements of the Sixties era and what happened then, and how can we apply lessons from the successes and mistakes.  Each week a new topic will be introduced which  it  is hoped will provoke comments and  discussion.   I invite you to join me on a magical mystery tour of events,  people, and places of that time fifty years ago when anything seemed possible.  But not just an oldies trip, this investigation will be a deep mining of what can and might be done for true progress of we the people.  We Boomers aren’t done yet.


Wizened retired school administrator prays for redemption 2018


The ten topics for Avanti Popolo:  Looking back to move forward;

  • Come Together:  Celebrate  the individual in community
  • Natural Living:  Country music, fringe jackets, & communes
  • Politics:  Anti-Establishment and Pro-freedom, justice, and expression
  • Travel:  All those who wander are not lost
  • Media:  I heard the news today
  • Counter-Culture Outposts:  Here, There, & Everywhere
  • Psychotropic Drugs:  Relax your mind and float downstream
  • Spiritual, not Religious:  I don’t believe in ….
  • Soundtrack:  Music changed the world (for awhile)
  • Creativity:  Expression is Liberation

See you on Monday,  July 1, 2019!

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